Hop Course

Hop Course

About this course

At a time when customer service is worth its weight in gold, offering immersive experiences that are truly gratifying, different and brimming with wellness will make your salon simply UNIQUE.

Your expert hands, combined with the power of science and nature behind HOP products, will help you deliver outstanding results in holistic wellness.

With this course, you can offer a truly bespoke experience thanks to the combination of HOP products, which work synergistically to enhance the benefits for every hair need, and holistic and immersive wellness rituals based on cranial Ayurvedic massage techniques.


We’ll give you all the information you need to offer a new service in your salon—a holistic wellness service.

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a course of

Montibello Academy

Education Department

Materials included

    •  Product data sheets



    • No requirements



  •  All professionals who want to introduce a wellness service in their salon with products with the latest technologies, maximum results and eco-responsible.

What will you learn?

In this course, you’ll learn about hop in greater depth

  • Its concept, technology, ingredients and function
  • You’ll discover the four worlds comprising it
  • Its lines and products
  • The rituals to create a holistic wellness experience
  • What’s more, we’ve come up with the perfect itinerary for salons, so you can add it to your service offering



Do you want to learn about HOP? In this first video, we’ll explain its concept, the technology it uses, the active ingredients that enhance its results, the signs that its formulas correct, the latest developments in preservatives, in environmental responsibility, and the differentiation in textures and fragrances.


Do you want to learn how to add a new service in your salon? We’ll explain how to offer an immersive wellness experience—an experience to take hair wellness to the next level. An all-round service to enjoy and care for hair, people and the planet.

 Drive an immersive wellness experience in your salon—join HOP.


Do you want to learn about HOP’s four worlds? We’ll take a deep dive into the ranges comprising these worlds, their functions and the benefits they can give the scalp and the hair shaft. A complete line that will cover all the needs and act on the eight signs of welfare. Its ingredients, packaging, textures and fragrances are sure to impress!


A personalised anti-aeging treatment to address your clients’ key individual hair needs.

A step forward to transform hair and reinforce the connection with your client.


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