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A personalised anti-aeging treatment to address your clients’ key individual hair needs.

A step forward to transform hair and reinforce the connection with your client.

A revolutionary, personalised in-salon treatment

These custom-blended anti-ageing elixirs are designed to restore the overall health of hair from the roots to the ends. Each treatment works quickly and effectively to deliver truly transcendental results in just 7 minutes. This is thanks to an innovative and extremely effective technology that transforms hair and produces an anti-ageing effect with unrivalled results.

The goal of each treatment is to address the individual concerns and needs of clients: adding strength, colour and shine retention, or improving softness and keeping frizz under control. These are the three main responses to get strong, healthy, shiny and intensely hydrated hair.

The benefits of offering your clients an immersive experience are:

– Strengthening the hair’s internal structure and renewing the outermost layer.

– Providing deep hydration and smoothing the hair cuticle.

– Effectively transforming hair: regenerating, recharging and revitalising hair.

– Adding shine, softness, strength or making hair color last longer.

– Getting lustrous, polished hair with shine and movement.

Premium experience service

Unique experiences with custom blends done by professionals

Seven-minute transforming treatments

Speed and effectiveness with truly sensational results

Highly effective: well-ageing effect

An innovative anti-ageing technology for transforming hair.

The latest in cutting-edge treatments

The next generation of treatments mainly focuses on offering tailored solutions to transform hair into its best version. These treatments act on the effects of ageing which have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of hair and the scalp.

Given the great demand for treatments devoted to hair care, respect for hair and hair health, salons now have the opportunity to add value to their business and reinforce their connection with their clients. For this reason, they provide three types of treatments that meet their clients’ specific hair needs…

First, there are weekly treatments for the maintenance of healthy hair and scalp to address daily needs in terms of frizz, lack of volume and hydration. Second, there are fortnightly or monthly semi-permanent treatments such as hair botox treatments based on hyaluronic acid, vitamins and collagen which address the top needs such as intensive repair, hydration, softness, colour and shine retention. Third, there are permanent treatments done every three to six months such as keratin treatments, tannin smoothing or permanent hair straightening, designed to change the shape of hair to get rid of frizz and get straight, smooth hair with movement.

This is why hop is proud of present its first exclusive range of salon services, the Transforming Well-Ageing Treatments. These are anti-ageing treatments for hair that are a luxury experience for holistic and comprehensive hair care. These custom-blended treatments have been designed to restore hair health from the roots to the ends by addressing the top needs: adding strength, colour and shine retention, or improving frizz and softness.

Personalized Experience

In order to offer a personalized premium service, we have to take into account not only the customer’s needs, but also the needs of their scalp and hair. For this purpose, a good diagnosis is very important.

After listening to the customer, we carry out the semiotic diagnosis in order to identify the customer’s technical requirements.

We perform the diagnosis in four steps.

1.) Scalp colorimetry scan:

We create a central section in the upper area to be able to visualize the scalp and look at the colour it displays in order to analyse it. A pale-yellow colour is a sign of fat. If red or reddened, it is a sign of sensitivity and if we see a pale greyish colour, it is a sign of dandruff or peeling.

2.) Epithelial tension:

We create movement on the scalp to check the tension and adhesion of the skin: this will give us information on blood circulation or whether it is a stressed or irritated scalp.

3.) Capillary density:

We open a central line in the upper area and take two strands of hair, one in each hand, and from the roots we slide our fingers towards the ends to check how the hair density changes and observe the porosity.

4.) Elasticity Test:

We take between three and five strands of hair and moisten them, then roll them around the finger of one hand and another finger of the other hand to be able to stretch the hair and check the elasticity. In its natural state, hair can stretch up to 40%. If, when you stretch the hair, it does not stretch and on some occasions, there is some type of breakage, it is because there is excess protein. If, on the contrary, the hair when stretched does not return to its original shape and on some occasions may even have some type of breakage, it is because the elasticity is high and there is a lack of protein.

We now have all the information required to choose and select the products for our ritual.


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Step 1


Step 2
Step 2


Step 3
Step 3


Step 4
Step 4


The advent of transforming professional treatments

These custom-blended elixirs are designed to restore the overall health of hair from the roots to the ends.

  • Treatments that effectively transform hair, regenerating, recharging and revitalising it.

  • The perfect solution to add shine, softness, strength or prolong colour retention in hair.

  • An immersive experience for sleek, shiny, glossy hair with bounce.



The latest in hair treatment

A cutting-edge anti-ageing treatment for hair which combines high-performance ingredients and the most advanced biotechnology to deliver exceptional results.


A restorative complex of bioenzymes of natural origin.

It strengthens the hair’s internal structure and renews the outermost layer by creating a protective shield that provides deep hydration and smooths the hair cuticle.

It works together with algae bioscience, LifeAlgae BioScience, which magnifies the power of the actives to boost their results in hair.

With hop, we remain committed to the planet creating eco-friendly products with clean and vegan formulas.


Conventional bond builder treatments act correctively on damaged hair, relinking damaged keratin peptide chains.

Molecular Enzymatic Complex. It acts from within the keratin itself, acting above all in a preventive manner, maintaining the alpha-helix-shaped structure typical of the flexibility and movement of young and vital hair.

The main ingredients of the Molecular Enzymatic Complex are:

  • Modified sugar – derived from sustainably-sourced corn (gluconic acid).

A very low molecular weight compound, so small that it is capable of being located within the keratin helix itself and stabilizing it through structural bonds.

A 3D restructuring mechanism of the keratin helix that maintains the flexibility and resistance of the hair

  • Enzyme multiplier:

The enzymes in fruits, in this case pineapple, facilitate the penetration of active molecules to the interior of the cortex, multiplying the restructuring action of the complex at all levels of the fibre.

Personalised treatments, unique solutions


Two Intensifiers that serve as the cornerstone of the Transforming Well-Ageing Treatments.

Depending on the hair type:

  • Base for fine to medium hair
  • Base for medium to coarse hair


Three specific concentrates added to the bases to supercharge their effects according to each hair need:


  • Strengthening concentrate
  • Concentrate for colour and shine retention
  • Concentrate for softness

The service consists of two steps:

INTENSIFIER (intensifying bases)

RECHARGE (specific concentrates)

Based on a prior diagnosis, the professional combines the two steps in the applicator bottle. The blend is applied to hair after washing, leaving it to work for 7 minutes.




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